[07-09] Integrated System Usability and Reliability Assurance and Improvement

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  題目:Integrated System Usability and Reliability Assurance and Improvement 


  With the reliance of software, systems, and services for work, life, and societal functions by the massive number of end users in our interconnected world, usability and reliability became two of the most important quality requirements. In our recent research, we have integrated techniques and models from both human-computer interaction (HCI) and software engineering (SE) to develop synergistic solutions to ensure both usability and reliability. In this talk, we will report recent research in three interconnected topic areas: 1) We developed a new method to identify navigation related Web usability problems based on comparing actual and anticipated usage patterns. The actual usage patterns can be extracted from Web server logs, and the anticipated usage is constructed by cognitive experts. The deviation data produced from the comparison of the two models can help us discover usability issues and suggest corrective actions to improve usability. We applied this approach on a small service-oriented website, identified usability problems, and quantified usability improvement by the higher task success rate and lower time and effort for given tasks after suggested corrections were implemented. 2) Markov operational profile (Markov OP) is a type of usage models for large applications, which can be constructed based on actual usage of the application by target users recorded in existing web logs. To maintain the accuracy of such usage model after system maintenance and evolution but before new usage data become available, we use activity diagrams from software development and task models from user interface design (UID) to update the Markov OP. We have applied our method in a web application to provide an initial validation of its applicability and effectiveness in producing quantifiable improvements in testing effectiveness and in reliability. 3) We developed a general measurement framework for usability and a classification scheme of usability problems by adapting methods and models from both measurement theory and from software engineering, particularly adapting a software defect classification and analysis framework called orthogonal defect classification (ODC). This research topic covers work in usability problem analysis for several application domains, including cloud computing, web application and services, and safety-critical systems. 



  田建輝(Jeff Tian)生于西安,曾就學于西安交通大學 工業自動化專業(1982 學士),哈佛大學(美國)工程科學專業(1986 碩士),馬里蘭大學 (美國)計算機科學專業(1992 博士)。1995年起, 任職于美國南衛理公會大學(Southern Methodist University or SMU, 現任該校計算機科學技術系和工程管理信息系統系終身教授, 并在2009 創辦了NSF NCSS-I/UCRC(美國國家科學基金會網云軟件及系統校企合作研究中心, 至今連年獲得NSF資助。2017年起任西北大學客座教授,2012-2017 任西北工業大學陜西省百人計劃特聘教授, 1992-1995 IBM加拿大軟件實驗室質量分析師。1995年起田教授與IBM, Verizon, Nortel等公司進行長期產研合作。田教授的主要學術成就包括:8次被國際著名期刊JSSJournal of Systems and Software)評為系統與軟件工程領域全球排名前15名學者, 2008年全球排名第7; 1998 獲美國國家科學基金會杰出青年教授獎; 2001年度美國杰出亞裔工程師; 專著Software Quality Engineering WileyIEEE CS Press2005聯合出版并被全世界20余所高校用為研究生教材;發表國際一流學術期刊論文39, 其中 8篇發表于國際頂尖學報IEEE/TSE IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering)和IEEE/THMS (IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems). 

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